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Advantages Of Thick Handled Dumbbells

By Dumbbell-Exercise.com

Dumbbells are the most convenient and basic exercising equipment that any person can possess. They are easy to store, adjustable and lend more flexibility to a fitness training program than bulky gym machines. Also, it is not always possible for everybody to hit the gym regularly given the tight schedule that everyone has now during these hectic and stressful days. In such a scenario, dumbbells can be used in several innovative ways to give the body the complete workout that it requires. Fitness is fundamentally about weight control and resistance building. Thus, it is possible to achieve total fitness through cardio exercises coupled with free weight training with dumbbells and later move on to a more advanced program. Thick handles dumbbells are necessary when one is training for enhanced grip strength or wrist function.

Grip strength training is a generic term that includes crushing, pinching, holding, some wrist work and forearm work. Our hands and arms get conditioned by our daily activities to a certain level of inherent strength but it is far from what specialized grip training may achieve. Most people wrongly assume that bodybuilders and weightlifters have the strongest arms as they are accustomed to handling heavy weights. This is true only to a certain limited degree. An effective grip training workout would include all the exercises mentioned with the proper equipment. A comprehensive beginner's program will consist of about 3 sets of reps each to start with. It is in the 'holding' exercises that thick handled dumbbells are advantageous. They are about 2 to 3 inches in diameter and in their absence a heavy cylindrical object of the same proportions may be used. What matters most in grip strength training is the power of the grip. However, beginners are always advised not to over-do things in the hope of getting quick results. Dedication is a pre-requisite to effective exercising and may not be compromised.

Advantages Of Thick Handled Dumbbells There are a number of training methods that may be applied in grip training. Forearm strength and gripping power increase greatly by exercising with thick handled barbells and dumbbells. It is the most adaptable and multi-purpose grip tool that is available. The beauty is that, thick handled dumbbells are effective not just in grip training exercises but also in routine dumbbell exercises. Curls, rowing, pressing, dumbbell swings and any other exercise for the upper body in which a normal dumbbell is used. On the other hand, some grip strength exercises focus on the wrists and forearms while others help in developing strength generally. One- hand deadlifts are specific to the grip training routine. The exercising pattern has to be altered in accordance to the goal set. If many repetitions are to be performed, the intensity of the grip needs to be low whereas developing grip strength calls for maximum intensity of hold. In any case it has to be remembered that hand muscles are comparatively much smaller and though they are capable of withstanding a lot, potential injuries from over-exercising should be avoided.

When exercising at home with dumbbells, there are certain things that one needs to have. One is a flat bench, preferably inclinable at about 45 degrees. Second is a rubber mat to absorb the shock in case the dumbbells fall from hand. A dumbbell rack is of course an optional choice. Beginners are usually advised to take a pair of 3 to 4 pound dumbbells, thick handled or normal. Wrist extensions and wrist curls with thick handled dumbbells help to increase the grip strength and exercising with normal ones yield better results after grip training. Strength exercises help to protect muscles and enhance the density of bones thereby reducing the chances of osteoporosis.

It is possible to prepare makeshift yet effective thick handled dumbbells at home. The simplest way is to roll oodles of tape onto the dumbbell handle until the desired thickness is attained. To give the equipment a tidy look, a pipe that will fit over the handle may then be slid over the tape on the handle bar. A hammer may be needed to make the pipe slide over the handle to ensure a tight grip and reduce the risk of injury. A flange may or may not be added to each side by the means of a pipe wrench but it would give some additional protection.

As with every exercising routine, it may take some time to get used to thick handled dumbbells. If the thumb begins to hurt a temporary break may be taken but it may actually be a part of the process of getting accustomed to something new. Grip training exercises are a combination of intensity and rest and none concessions may not be made with either. It is important to consult a trainer as erroneous exercise may be more harmful than no exercise. With the correct routine, a set of thick handled dumbbells and a little patience you can attain that grip to move the world. A little exaggeration has never done serious damage after all.


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