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One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

Primary Muscle

Mid-Back, Lats (Latissimus Dorsi)

Secondary Muscles

Lower Back (Erector Spinae), Biceps

Equipment Needed

Dumbbell, Weight Bench

Mechanics Type


Proper Exercise Technique

Starting by putting your right knee and right hand on a bench. Make sure to flatten your back as it should be parallel with the floor. Your left leg should be placed nice and wide to offer balance. You should feel most of your bodyweight on your left leg rather on your right arm. Next grip a dumbbell with your left arm with your palm facing inward toward your body. Now you will contract your back muscles rowing the weight up to your side. Keep your elbow close to your body and try to keep your shoulders square during the movement. You don't want to twist your entire body to cheat. Switch and perform a set with the other arm.

One arm dumbbell rowOne arm dumbbell row

Tip: It is very important that you do not round out your lower back as you perform this exercise as this could easily lead to an injury. Instead, focus on sticking your butt out and keeping a nice arch in your lower back. It is also okay to move naturally throughout the exercise and allow your back to rise up slightly as you lift the weight.

One Arm Dumbbell Row Video


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