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Dumbbells: The Secret to Fat Loss

By Dumbbell-Exercise.com

Everybody who wants to loose fat tries every diet and every exercise method with a hope that someday they would have the perfect body, the perfect muscles and look great. People starve themselves with difficult diets, exhaust themselves on the treadmill, swim across oceans, dance to every music on charts, but when all else fails and the fat refuses to leave you, its time to look closer. Yes, its time to look closer at the problem areas like maybe you stomach, your arms etc. these problem areas can get rid of their stubborn fat with something as simple looking as the 'dumbbells'. Many may not know it, but dumbbells do help in loosing that weight for which you have tried everything else. And all in the comfort of your home. No need to go searching for fancy equipment or a swimming pool. No worries about the bad weather. Dumbbells can be used simply from the convenience of your home

Who wouldn't want to replace a room full of weight machines and equipments with simply one piece of fitness equipment that doesn't even make a big hole in your wallet? There are adjustable dumbbells that are just the kind of thing you are looking for. Your entire home gym can also get tucked away in a small closet easily and quickly.

Adjustable dumbbells are the best buy you can make if you want to avoid hitting the gym. Let's look at the reasons why dumbbells are such a great idea and what makes them the most popular home gym equipment.

Many types of exercise with one piece of equipment

Dumbbells: The Secret to Fat Loss One of the key benefits of dumbbells is that you can perform a variety of exercises without hopping on and off one machine to the other. By simply changing your body position you can alter from doing bicep curls to triceps kickbacks. No need to buy different machines for a complete body workout. All you require is an adjustable dumbbell set.

Cost factor

Exercise equipments can make a big hole in your wallets. You can buy equipment ranging anything between $500 and $1000. All this money spent because you want to work on different muscle groups. But why spend so much when you can get a set of adjustable dumbbells for approximately $300-$400. And with just this one single investment you can perform a variety of exercises, now isn't that value for money? And of course not to miss, having this equipment at home, you escape paying that huge gym membership fee too, and can perform the same exercise at home.

Adjustability provides convenience

Adjustability is a great factor that makes dumbbells so convenient. To change from one dumbbell weight to the next all you need to do is simply change a pin and the weight can be changed instantly. You don't even require a room filled with dumbbells because to change weight all you need is to change the pin and that way you get great value for money and your house too is free from clutter.

Clutter free space

No need of a dumbbell rack or a large storage space. Another advantage of adjustable dumbbells is that their stand can be put neatly away in the corner of a room leaving a lot of clutter free space for you to keep any other equipment you want. You no longer need to put off your plans of making a home gym due to lack of space.

Maximum muscles developed

Dumbbells are indeed the best equipment known for great muscular development. These are also known as free weights. Resistance training, body-building, and weight training, its best to use dumbbell weights as they are designed to enhance the power of the triceps and biceps and also the muscles in the chest, abdomen, legs and shoulders. One has to use more muscle in the use of dumbbells because of their lack of stability compared with machine weights while performing a traditional bench press and a dumbbell press one will realize that the use of dumbbells is much harder.

Think for a moment and evaluate these dumbbell benefits and you will see that this is the best way you can loose weight and that too in the comfort of your own home. No waiting in heavy traffic to get to your gym, no distractions (smelly, sweaty people) and a cost effective way of working out while listening to your own kind of music or while watching your favourite soap opera. All you will need is your best friend…the dumbbell!


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