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Can Dumbbells Help You Lose Fat?

By Dumbbell-Exercise.com

The most common misconception that many people have about dumbbells is that they are only required while developing bulk muscle and increasing mass. Therefore dumbbells are perceived to be the exclusive domain of body builders and weight-lifters. But the fact is that dumbbells are an integral part of any fitness routine be it weight reduction, weight control, muscle toning and definition or an advanced workout regimen. If you are thinking of starting a weight loss program at home, a complete set of dumbbells is an inexpensive option compared to other machines available for the same purposes.

Fitness is a matter of mind and body. The way our body responds to any kind of fitness training or program depends a lot on our levels of motivation and determination. Conversely, possessing a well-shaped body has a positive effect in keeping the mind fresh and content. Staying fit demands the right combination of nutrition and rest with the correct exercises that the body needs. Strength training and cardio exercise are the two essential parts of a weight loss program. Experts believe that it is possible to get a complete resistance training workout through dumbbells and free hand exercises alone. Cardio exercises help to release the stored fat in the adiposities and light weight exercises with dumbbells help to burn the fat which would otherwise return to the storage cells. This helps to tone the muscles giving the body a leaner look. An increase in the Basic Metabolic Rate through exercise helps to continue the process of fat burning even when the body is in a position of rest.

Can Dumbbells Help You Lose Fat? There are several benefits of weight training through dumbbells. They are easy to store away when you are not using them which is more convenient than bulky gym equipment that needs its own area in your home. It gives more flexibility in a workout as dumbbell exercises may be adjusted to one's personal comfort level. For beginners, weight training with dumbbells not only helps one to get back into shape but it also helps to stabilize joints and to increase stamina resulting in all around body development and fitness. Dumbbells are easily available and adjustable ones are found in any fitness store or sports shop. Dumbbell exercises become more effective in weight loss once you create a regular routine and stick to it. However, it does not take up a lot of time for these dumbbell exercises. Just 10 to 15 minutes per day dedicated to a particular group of muscles on a single day alternating can achieve great results.

There are a number of basic exercises for weight loss like crunches, squats, leg raises and push-ups that are convenient enough to be carried out in the privacy of your home. Supplement these with effective dumbbell exercises and you have a complete weight loss and toning routine that will lead to shaping up your entire body or a target area according to your individual goals. Some fundamental weight training exercises with dumbbells are standing side laterals, standing bent laterals, front dumbbell raises, dumbbell curls, squats and lunges with dumbbells, dumbbell rows, wrist extensions and curls and many more. The amount of weight to be used for each exercise is based on a percentage of the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted one time for that exercise, generally referred to as one max repetition. It varies from person to person and generally the mantra for loosing weight is more number of repetitions with less weight.

Beginners should aim to complete two sets of 10 to 12 repetitions to start with but the reps should increase after a few weeks as you build up strength and resistency. Once sufficient strength has been developed, one set of 6 to 8 reps may be carried on until you cannot resist anymore. Setting a target for oneself helps to motivate in crossing into the next level of difficulty. By burning the excess fat, dumbbell exercises help to strengthen the body parts that are being worked on including the arms, legs, shoulders, buttocks and hamstrings.

There are some basic points that beginners should keep in mind when starting on dumbbell exercises as part of a weight loss program. These include the aim of the exercise should be defined. Weight loss has specific exercises for different target areas. You should know your own capacity and choose the weight accordingly. Heavy weights do not mean faster results. One should always warm up before weight exercises. The manner of breathing should be as per movement. Proper rest should be allowed after each cycle and exercising should be discontinued if there is persistent pain. However, an initial soreness of the limbs after starting any exercise routine is expected and normal. The dumbbell exercises have to be ended with a stretching and cooling down session to help the muscles return to a normal state. Lastly, the importance of getting proper advice from a physician and a fitness trainer before starting any exercise can never be over-stated. It is an absolute must and failing to do so may lead to serious health hazards.


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