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Dumbbell Basics

By Dumbbell-Exercise.com

Picking your dumbbell weight

When you consider following the dumbbell way to gym, you encounter the difficult task of deciding which weight lifting programme will suit you best. Well luckily there are a lot of weight lifting programs that can work for everyone, and it just takes some thinking and consideration for one decide on which would be the best and most suitable.

Deciding what weight group to buy

The first thing to do before you begin any kind of weight lifting programme is to consult your physician. It is all the more important for you if you are elderly, or if you have had any previous medical history that might have some sort of complication regarding weight and exercise. Even though you may be feeling perfectly fine, you must still check with your doctor about starting out any kind of physical activity so that you can be positively sure that you are not going harm or injure yourself doing so.

Another thing to think about when you choose a weight lifting program is to make your mind up as to which part of your body you want to work out. There is no condition that you choose only a single part. You can combine different types of routines in order to have a complete workout. For example, if you are considering working out on your chest, the recommended exercises will be dumbbell presses; flat dumbbells presses, and incline dumbbell flies.

On the other hand, if you desire to lose weight alongside toning up your abdominal muscles, you should consider exercises such as crunches and reverse crunches. However, just like any other muscle group your stomach muscles also need training in accordance with the proper principles of resistance exercise.

Dumbbell Basics Another example is say you wish to gain muscle on your back, you should adhere to exercises such as one-arm dumbbell rows, bent-over barbell rows, and pull ups. If you want strong and broad shoulders, exercises such as overhead dumbbell presses, lateral dumbbell presses, and seated rows are the ones for you. Want to work on your arms exclusively? You should practice exercises such as standing barbell curls, incline dumbbell curls, lying overhead triceps extensions, and flat bench triceps dips to make your workout routine complete.

The barbells are taller and bigger than the strength-training dumbbells but the dumbbells also can vary in weight that can range from 5 to more than 100 pounds. Those who want to challenge their regular work out sessions use dumbbell sets. These are ideal equipment for those into body building, any kind of sports training, endurance tests, or any type of resistance weight training.

Strengthening your muscles

Dumbbells can be used to serve many purposes during exercise such as toning and developing the muscles and also to strengthen different muscle groups in the lower and upper areas of your body. Another benefit is that they can be incorporated naturally in your body's movements. The flexibility of the dumbbell workouts allows you to target specific areas of your body that you may wish to tone or to strengthen, such as your chest, your biceps, your abdominal muscles etc.

The two types of dumbbell sets

There are two types of dumbbell sets that you can choose from. They are the adjustable and the fixed-weight. The adjustable set consists of disc plates that can be added or removed in order to increase or decrease the weight. The adjustable dumbbell has a steel bar that is about 14 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. Adjustable disc weights are then made safe with clips or collars that come in the same package.

On the other hand the fixed-weight dumbbell sets have permanent weights attached to them that do not allow you to make any adjustments in their weight. They are either made with a kind of hard plastic outer shell filled with concrete substance or with solid metal. These are preferred best for home use and for anyone doing light weight kind of exercises.

Which dumbbells to buy

You must check the feel of the grip. Consider the point that you will be using them even while your hands will be sweaty. If you think that they will not slip then that is a good buy. Try to purchase dumbbells that have non-slip features. You must pay attention that the dumbbell sets with steel bars must consist of crosshatch patterns on them. If buying fixed-weight sets, then look for dumbbells that have rubber coating on the so that they can be griped properly.


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