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Cross body dumbbell hammer curls

Primary Muscle


Secondary Muscles

Shoulders, Traps

Equipment Needed


Mechanics Type


Proper Exercise Technique

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and pick up a pair of dumbbells off the ground using your legs (not your back). With your palms facing inward, curl the dumbbells up one at a time accross your body. When you get to the top of the movement, squeeze your bicep, pause briefly, and then return the weight to the starting position. Alternate between arms until you reach muscular failure. Hammer curls are a good mass building exercise for the biceps.

Cross Body Dumbbell Hammer Curlsdumbbell Hammer Curls

Make sure to move naturally throughout the movement by swaying your body slightly as you lift the weights. This will help to protect against injuries and will also maximize muscle stimulation. It is also important not to curl the weights past the point where tension will leave the biceps. You want to contract at the top of the lift not rest.

Cross Body Dumbbell Hammer Curl Video


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